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We have everything you are looking for so that your business operates in areliable and efficient, our software solutions adapt tothe measure of your economic activity, so you can be surethat has the software solution that your company needs.

Our products have been designed to satisfy not only the needs of our customers, but also to make users feel comfortable using pleasant software.

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Scrum is a process in which a set of good practices are applied on a regular basis to work collaboratively, as a team, and obtain the best possible result from a project. These practices support each other and their selection is based on a study of the way highly productive teams work.

With Scrum, partial and regular deliveries of the final product are made, prioritized by the benefit they bring to the recipient of the project. Therefore, Scrum is especially suitable for projects in complex environments, where you need to get results soon, where requirements are changing or poorly defined, where innovation, competitiveness, flexibility and productivity are fundamental.

Scrum is also used to solve situations in which the customer is not delivering what he needs, when the deliveries are too long, costs soar or the quality is not acceptable, when the ability to react to the competition is needed, when the moral of equipment is low and rotation is high, when it is necessary to identify and solve inefficiencies systematically or when you want to work using a process specialized in product development.

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Our Products

We have software products that have been duly tested and audited, so that our customers are assured that they have a well-refined operating base.

Because our concept is to adapt our products to the needs of our customers, we have found a way for this process to be carried out step by step to minimize the impact of the new change to users.

Integral Solutions for Companies:

We specialize in 100% integrated solutions for small, medium and large companies.

  • BCOM-ERP ver.14 Our BCom-ERP is a powerful operative platform with which you can integrate in a simple and dynamic way all the operation of your company that includes from the Accounting, to the detailed management of points of sale that integrates management control modules in real time that It will help you in making decisions, in addition to including 5 mobile applications for control of inventories, orders, vehicle fleet, management and sales.
  • BCOM-CRM Companion Our BCom-CRM is the ideal companion of our ERP with which you can take complete control and monitoring of your client portfolio, with a monitoring center that will inform you about the movement of your customers, also includes a mobile application With which you can control the activations with your customers, you can also carry out advertising campaigns for your products and control the investment costs, return of income and much more.

Both products are available in WEB version and Desktop for Windows 7 or higher

Specialized Solutions:

We have software solutions aimed at different economic activities.
  • IHS Medical WEB it is the ideal solution for independent doctors who want to have complete control of their patients' files, which includes medical agenda, detailed file, recipes, medical images, vital signs, clinical history and many more.
  • Dynamic Waiter this is our product for the administration and general control of Bars and Restaurants, it has a mobile application to serve customers at tables, as well as being able to optionally handle the explosion of materials so that you can create recipes and production orders to the kitchen In an integral way, with this software you will be able to know what the real costs of operating your business are.

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